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To my dear charges,

I trust that you have all enjoyed celebrating the various winter holidays in a manner that befits members of House Ravenclare. As you return to your studies, I pray that you continue to bear in your hearts the spirit of this holiday season throughout the year.

I have the honour to remain,

Your Chaplain AuricTech

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Hellooo new Ravenclares! I'm Prefect Mel, and I'd like to invite anyone who hasn't done so to be sorted via our stringent and extremely rigorous sorting questionnaire. *giggles* This is an excellent way to get to know you! ♥
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Well, this layout looks lovely! I've always admired this style, and I like it. Who did it? What do you all think?

On to business...

Prefect notmonica and I think that a gift exchange in honor of the Spring Equinox, the first days of Spring, etc. would be just fabulous. March 20 will be the deadline to complete our gift exchanges, in whatever form. The theme can be...

"Friendship in the Springtime"

(I made that up just now - nice, non?) If you would like to participate, please comment here. All comments will be screened, so please include your mailing address or email. One of us Prefects or our Head of House, carlanime, will let you know who you will be gifting.

Answer these questions in your reply:

1. Do you prefer fanfic or fanart above a mailed gift? Vice-versa? Either? If so, please give us some fandoms, ratings and pairings to choose from. We're brilliant, but not psychic. In general.

2. What are you willing to gift your fellow 'Clares? Would you like to mail a surprise package? Write fanfic? Sketch something? Any of the above?

3. What is your favorite tea? Coffee or chai, perhaps?

4. Who is your Ravenclare Role Model? This can be a fictional character.

5. What's your favorite part about the Springtime?

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